Vote For Reject Hero!

Hello all,

I’d greatly appreciate you all letting my know how you feel about the series.

If you like what you read, please vote!

One comment

  1. Jesp

    I don’t mind the world building. I just have trouble understanding his thought processes. I suspect it’s a personality thing or maybe not having enough negative life experiences. Or I could just be dense. Wouldn’t be the first time. :). For example, after the meeting he gets back to his family he writes a note sYing, “Not bad”, but is thinking “Not good”. Considering his situation before, it seems like he and his family are much better off. I understand that “mind-fuckery” is bad. I’m thinking it’s mostly because he’s used to being in charge (at least of certain things) and now has to take the back seat (albeit like he had to do with Gorgon but much more pleasantly). Time will tell. But action awaits so I must be off!

    I haven’t been drawn to a story as much since Worm and Adrian’s Undead Diary. Keep up the great work!!!

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