Links to Other Webfiction

Please leave a comment below if any of these links go to something that doesn’t exist anymore, or to a strange place that doesn’t seem like it’s webfiction.


Here’s a good place to go if you want to browse a much bigger listing than the one below:

Web Fiction Guide

I’ve read at least a couple chapters of all of these, and have enjoyed them as far as I’ve read them.



The Legion of Nothing

Special People

The Zombie Knight

Stone Burners

Story Treader collection

The League of Prey


There Are No Heroes

World Domination in Retrospect

A Grey World

Ghost Touch

Sins of the Fathers

The Named


Mage Life

Rumor’s Block

Symbiote (That’s right, I’m plugging my first webfiction here)

Anything in the following section is fan faction that I find to be extraordinary in its own right. Very few entries will be found here.

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality

Friendship is Optimal (No, I’m not a Brony, and don’t care for MLP, but I still suggest this.)

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