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Reject Hero is the story of Zeke Collins, a middle-aged man who acquires powers and abilities beyond those of normal men, becoming part of the superhuman community.  He wants to be a hero, but his peculiar powers are not exactly hero material.  The heroes don’t want him on their side, not after he activates his powers near them in a fight. Everyone hates him when he uses his powers, even villains. Civilians hate his alter ego so much, they forced a name on him that he can’t escape. This is the story of the super-person, ‘Strangest’

This is my second web fiction.  Well, third if you count a fan fiction with an original main character I did for Worm.

This time around, I am going to aim for a mostly continuous timeline of story arcs, rather than jumping forward in time after each ‘book’. Lots of other things I’ll be trying to manage as well, based on what I have learned on Symbiote and from some of the lecture resources I have been watching.  Specifically, I will also attempt to let my readers discuss amongst each other a little more and explain things personally a little less.  I will also be trying to let the characters’ language, perceptions, and actions define the world more, and the narrator do less.

If you would like to see my earlier work, it can be found here:

Worm Fanfic: Arc

Original Science Fiction: Symbiote


  1. hughiegibson

    Sounds interesting. Will there be a bit of comedy as well? (It sounds like it)

    I have a supernatural superhero series and a dystopian post apocalypse series I am working on as well. I learned after serializing a completed novel that I wanted to do shorter “Bursts” of character and story arcs as well. It is frightening to not have a finished story when I started the series. I finish each “arc” before I start posting in parts but as far as an overall complete stories they are not complete.

  2. Kenneth

    I finished reading Symbiote about 10 minutes before posting this, and can’t wait to see what you have in store for you new characters!

  3. Kat

    I really loved Symbiote and your Worm fanfic so now I’m hoping for lots of hilarious moments, the ‘good job breaking it all on your own’ moments when yor hero does something that might seem reasonable at first glance but is the very worst that could possibly happen and I as a reader can only sit there at 3 in the morning and hope that your hero doesn’t get everyone killed by accident. So I can only say that I really look forward to reading this 🙂

      • Michael

        Great! I’m looking forward to seeing what you’re going to do with this, especially given that the last few chapters have been setting everything up to (hopefully) come smashing down around Zeke’s ears. The whole issue of tying contracts too tight for characters to have space to screw up seemed to be a problem to me until I realized there are so many outside actors that anyone could inadvertantly screw Zeke over by going against someone else – that or Zeke breaks contract, and someone moves against him in retaliation.

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