Not a Chapter: Knights of Broken Swords

As mentioned a few times recently, my first fiction project where chapters and whatnot will be planned in advance is going to be a Dresdenverse / Pactverse crossover.

Come join me as I play around with Butters and Bob working together with Blake and Evan.

The first chapter is up.

I am keeping it over on because I do not want to comingle my fanfic with my original fiction.



    I’ll give it a read hopefully, but i’m not a fan of fan fiction, I so much prefer original concepts from start to finish..even if the tropes and genres are heavily used by everyone else I tend to find nuggets of particular writers work i appreciate and like above others. Than oppose to reading the same settings and characters and plot lines from a acknowledged author’s work re-hashed and re-worked and literally bled to death by fan fic writers.

    • farmerbob1

      I prefer writing original fiction myself, generally, but I had what I would like to think was a really good story idea. I also wanted a small, short project to try this whole “planning” thing before I wrote the next story.

      It will only be 6-10 chapters, and it will also give me time to mull over the next original fiction project, which is going to be the story about the kid in the no-metal world.

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